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Why do I want to start a blog?

  |   3 min read

It makes sense to kick off this blog by explaining why I want to start a blog at all!

I spend quite a lot of time reading articles that I think might be interesting and/or useful for my career; it's part of how many of us keep up to date with everything that's happening in the industry. Reading content written by other developers makes me feel proud and grateful that there are a large number of people who are open and happy to share their knowledge and experiences so freely. It has inspired me to start doing the same.

I'm Doing This for You

You're welcome ;)

But seriously, I want to be able to give a little back to an industry which has given me so much support over my career so far.

Offering Help & Support

I can't even begin to tell you the number of times I’ve been saved by a blog post. I think we've all been in the position of frantically scrambling through search results praying that you'll find a fix to whatever problem you're having at the time. And then...magic! You stumble across an article on a stranger's blog that completely saves the day.

Or maybe it's just that you're trying to get your head around a piece of technology or a programming concept that confuses the heck out of you. You've read the official docs and some of the high profile blog posts and it's still not sinking in. Then, all of a sudden, you find someone who's written about it in a way that makes it all make sense!

My point is that I hope to be the one providing that kind of support and relief to someone else for a change.

Sharing Insight and Experience

This is particularly applicable/useful if you are a developer who is early on in their career or a student working your way towards a certification in software development. I got my first job as a developer back in 2015 and I've learned a heck of a lot over those five years which I'd love to be able to share with the world. I hope that you can use some of the knowledge that I have to share to help you learn and grow in your own career.

Creating Enjoyment and Interest

I really want you to enjoy reading my work. There would be little point in creating content if I didn't think people might enjoy reading it!

I'm Doing This for Me Too

As much as all the above is completely true, I can’t pretend like there aren’t a few benefits for me too.

Learning and Growth

I'm a strong believer that a great way to learn something is to try to teach it. Having the ability to teach a subject requires you to understand it well enough to be able to communicate the details effectively to a learner. This blog is my teaching platform and I intend on taking advantage of it in order to help me grow my own knowledge and experience.


Good written and verbal communication are skills that I somewhat pride myself on. It takes consideration and practice to be an effective communicator and this platform will definitely provide me with plenty of practice!

Final Words

I really hope this blog lives up to all of my hopes and expectations. It’s going to take some time and effort to build but I’m really excited to get creating and seeing how it all turns out!

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