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Here's a bit more about me, my experience and what I can do!


    Skills & Tech

    Here's a collection of all of the tools, tech and skills that I've worked with / acquired over the years:


    Tools, Libraries and Frameworks

    Source Control and Package Management

    Continuous Integration and Deployment Platforms

    Tools and Software


    Protocols and Runtimes



    Redweb (2013 - 2014)

    I accepted a placement year at Redweb where I got the opportunity to split my time 50/50 between working as a back-end and front-end developer. As a back-end developer for the first six months I created a social media management extension for the Umbraco content management system.

    As a front-end developer for the final six months I was given a range of smaller projects, but the one I enjoyed the most was creating a JavaScript library to create one or more geo-fences and tell you whether you were inside or outside of any geo-fenced areas using the browser's Geolocation API.

    Redweb (2015 - 2017)

    And so I was back! I was mostly responsible for creating the visual components, forms, search pages, etc. for large sites built on top of Sitecore (another content management system).

    During my time here I was able to really progress my CSS & JS skills. I learned about Gulp and Sass, I removed my reliance on jQuery and continued to learn Angular v1.

    Redweb was a brilliant start to my career, but after couple of years I felt as though it was time to move on. I knew I had more to offer but there wasn't the scope for me to grow like I wanted to. I have very fond memories of my time there and I learned a lot from the job and the people.

    Amigo Loans (2017 - 2021)

    Despite my job title I was essentially a full-stack developer. I've learned a lot about building .NET / .NET Core MVC applications and services, and building front-ends using React, Redux, Webpack, TypeScript and more. All of this knowledge has completely transformed my ability and confidence as a developer.

    I also looked after all of the Engineering placement students when they first join the team, helping them get set up, settled-in and generally be there whenever they have any questions, technical or otherwise.

    Pulselive (2021 - Present)

    I'll be starting my new job as a Frontend Developer at Pulselive at the beginning of March. The agency creates a range digital products for sports teams and organisations, with some huge clients on their portfolio. I'm incredibly excited to start working with the Pulselive team, including some old friends from Redweb!


    I'm very proud to have been awarded a First Class Honours Degree in Web Development and Design Loughborough University. My stand-out achievement throughout my time at University is definitely my Final Year Project, which was inspired by my experiences during my placement year.

    Final Year Project

    The Front-End Developers at Redweb faced the same problem frequently; test devices kept going missing! The solution: create a system to allow people to check the devices in and out so that we can see who has which device.

    I used Angular v1 to power the web application and to keep everything in sync in real-time. I was inspired by some people at Redweb to incorporate a hardware element to my project. I'd seen some of the things that they'd managed to build using an Arduino and it was awesome. I knew if I could include something like that into my project it could really help set it apart from the rest.

    The idea was that each device sits on its own dedicated stand, onto which I could attach a photoresistor (light sensor). I know whether a device is on it's stand or not by how much light is reaching the sensor (light = device checked-out, dark = device checked-in). When someone picks up a device and swipes their staff card on the RFID reader it registers the individual as checking-out the device. Equally, when the the device is returned, the system would register the device as checked-in. Whenever the state of any of the devices changed, the web application would be instantly updated. Pretty neat!

    It was a lot of hard work building an application like that using tech I was really unfamiliar with. Nevertheless, I managed to get working a proof of concept to show to my lecturers on presentation day. Fortunately the demo went really smoothly and the lecturers absolutely loved it.