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Hello, I'm Ryan!

I'm a Front-End Web Developer working in Bournemouth. I love creating applications for the web and teaching / sharing knowledge with other developers. That's why I decided to share my thoughts, experiences and things I've learned here on this blog!

Latest Posts

  1. Explained: What is the KISS Principle?

      |   5 min read

    "Keep It Simple, Stupid!" is a design principle which encourages you to focus on simplicity and avoid unnecessary over-complication.

  2. I'm now a Brave Verified Creator

      |   2 min read

    I've signed up as a Brave Creator so I benefit from Brave's amazing new approach to monetizing content on the web. If you're a content creator, you should sign up too!

  3. Brave: Brilliant Browser and the Future of Online Ads

      |   5 min read

    My favourite features of Brave and an explanation of how its re-imagination of online advertising could lead to a better future for the everyone.

  4. New Year, New Job!

      |   2 min read

    At the end of this month I'll be leaving my role at Amigo Loans and starting my new job as a Frontend Developer at Pulselive!

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This series of posts is designed to make complicated (or complicated-sounding) programming concepts and jargon and help you understand what it all means in the simplest way possible! See all posts in the "Explained" series.

Some Helpful Resources

I've curated a list of resources across the web which I frequently find useful. Check them out and see whether you find something new and helpful for you! If you can think of anything that isn't in my list which you think I might find useful, feel free to let me know via Twitter!